When your singing practise feels like an uphill stuggle

When your singing practise feels like an uphill struggle

I want to talk to you about a brilliant (and funny) post that was put in our Online Singing Academy Facebook group.

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I started the Online Singing Academy in February last year, and this week I’ve given myself time to sit back and reflect on how it’s going. Who are the people I’m working with? How have they been helped? What are some of the journeys that they’ve gone on? And where are they right now?

And this week one of our academy members shared a very funny post in our private Facebook group. I laughed my socks off when I first read it – and so did everybody else, because not only was it true for this person, but when I shared it with my private one-to-one clients they all smiled a wry smile, and admitted that they often experienced similar.

I’m sharing the post with you here with the author’s permission. I think it will probably speak for itself, in terms of:

  • The mind games that we play with ourselves
  • The incredible power thought has in shaping our reality.

This is what the Academy member posted:

What to do when your singing practise feels like an uphill struggle

I’m so grateful that this person posted this. Because isn’t that the mental journey that all singers are on, whether they are being coached one-to-one, or learning online?

Now what caused that song to actually work well in the end? Was it just the exercise?

Not necessarily. What exercises do when you’re practising (a bit like when you are exercising your body) is that you are able to become more aware of when things are tense. When things are free. The tone changing, clearing up, improving, becoming more precise. The top notes changing. You become able to actually control some of the functions and mechanics of your singing voice. How you listen. How you feel. How you hear.

But exercises are not the magic wand.

The secret is in the the power of thought.

This person was able to just allow their thoughts to be present. They didn’t try and get rid of the bad feelings. They didn’t try and only have good feelings when they were practising. They didn’t hate the exercises, or love the exercises. It was neutral.

Even though they felt like it was the exercises that did it, it was only because they brought themselves to the exercises. They brought their presence. They brought the commitment and the consistency and the just the getting in there and doing it. They didn’t have to bring good feelings.

If what you need right now is permission to rediscover your voice, or to allow your thinking to settle down and to get back in the game, then take this as your permission slip today to do just that!

Until next time, keep getting out there. Keep singing. Keep sharing. Keep showing up.

One of the things that I’ve found with the Academy is that it’s very much about discovering – or rediscovering – your voice, and finding the right way to bring it out into the world.

The magic is not in a guru. The magic is not in a set of exercises. The magic is in supporting each other on the journey that we choose to take when we begin to work on our voices.

We are creating a community of singers that have the courage and vulnerability to share their journey and their struggle with others. And to find affirmation that you are not alone.

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