How to achieve artistry in your singing

How to achieve artistry in your singing

This is the fourth and final part of my miniseries about the four stages of learning. In Part 1 we talked about getting competent; Part 2 was all about getting confident. Part 3 was about how you go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ as a singer. 

What lies beyond greatness and mastery?

Think of Dali, the painter. By the time he was able to put two or three brushstrokes on a canvas and sell it for millions, and was hailed as a great avant garde painter, he was able to paint everything already. He was a master at his craft before he was an artist.

Stage four is called Artistry.

But what is artistry? And what is the difference?

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How to achieve artistry in your singing

Artistry is when you can now take your mastery of your craft and reinvent it. You can break the mould and innovate, breaking boundaries and barriers. You can take what you do and really pour your own true self and your personal expression into it.

You might be thinking, people are able to express themselves before they get to vocal mastery level. You don’t have to be able to do every sort of vocal trick known to man to become an artist. And I would say, absolutely. But while mastery is being able to master the level you’re at and what you need it for, artistry is a pinnacle.

Artistry is where you can create anything, because you can put your voice to anything.

Jon Bon Jovi was once asked in an interview what the highlight of his career was? When did he know that he’d made it? He looked at the interviewer and he said (and I paraphrase), Well, the thing is, I have had incredible highlights to my career. There has been this gig and there has been that concert, and there was that album, and there was that number one single. But if I felt that that was the top of me, the top of all I am, if that was all I was ever aiming for, then what’s the point of continuing? But there’s still more in me left to give. There is still more in me left to explore.

You see, creativity is the impossible made possible. It is the uniformness energy that flows through life, coming through you in your ability to actually create at a level further than you have before. So often with think that mastery is about making it, and that once we created a career, or an album we will have got there.

Is artistry about fame?

Not at all – artistry is about going for your full expression, whether that is seen by millions of people, or by a few minutia of people. Whether you never do anything with it, or whether you express it to the world, at some point when you’re singing, you’re going to want to feel as if you’ve given your all because you can. That’s the place of artistry.

It’s the place where you’re finding your unique expression in the world.


Is artistry about age and experience?

Not necessarily! I’ve known violinists that are artists at 25. They’re so fine at their expression. Then with other people, such as Strauss, they write their last and greatest works at the age of 80. It’s not necessarily an age thing, but it’s always, always a decision. It’s a decision that you will go forward, and you will just not stop. If you’re an artist in your blood, and you decide to take another step and another, you will, at some point, find your own artistic expression and reach the pinnacle of artistry.

What stage at you at in your singing?





Where do you see yourself, right now? And where do you aspire to go?

Do you know where do you aspire to go, but you’re too afraid to admit it?

Are you happy to stay at your current level, and take the pressure off – because actually it’s more about a different level of enjoyment for you right now?

There is no right and wrong. There is no reason to go to any other level – other than that little nudge inside you that pushes you forward; that little voice of wisdom that’s saying, Come on, take the next step. Come on, it’s time to step into stage one, two, three or four.

If you’re ready to listen to that voice, it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re not going to stop until you have found your full, true expression.

All you need to do is take the next step… and the next.

What’s the next step for you?

It could be to simply just watching more of these videos, allow it to just seep into your mindset, and being prepared to take the next opportunity that could be waiting for you.

It could be to join a choir.

It could be to download some new vocal exercises.

It could be to come in and join the Academy and start the process of moving towards confidence, competence and beyond, learning how to find your own goals and vision, and the challenges and stretches that will push you forward.

Are you already confident that you really need to make a decision that’s going to shape your destiny? You see, there is only today. The saddest thing for me is to listen to people that come to me when they feel it might be too late, who say, I gave up because life got in the way. I didn’t take the opportunity. I thought it was too late for me. I thought because I failed once, that I had just failed. Or, because I’m not with the right teacher. Or, I didn’t take the right route.

None of that needs to stop you. All you need is to understand what your process is, what your plan is, what your next step is, and I can help you walk through to get you to the next level.

So, follow that inner nudge.

Your whole voice, your whole dream, your whole passion is truly at stake. You can have what you want, if you know what you want. It can be the most enjoyable adventure to find your voice, create your creative expression world, enjoy every portion of your singing, and even leave a legacy for others to be able to step onto the ladder after you.

Where might you go if you really step in?

It’s time.

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