How to find your confidence as a singer

How to find your confidence as a singer

This is the second part of my miniseries about the four stages of learning.

In Part 1 we discussed becoming competent in your singing: not being perfect, just getting up and being competent enough to do your thing, regardless of your feelings around it. And once you’ve achieved Stage One, you’re already on the fringe of Stage Two.

Stage Two is the ‘Confident’ stage.

In the Confident stage, you’re not just getting by,  you’re starting to achieve a higher standard and find some consistency. It’s time to move the dial a little further. You’ve now passed the stage at the beginning where your resistance was so huge. You already have skills that you just developed in the competent stage, but you now need to make those skills stick. Stage Two is a good stage: it’s where you start to get good at what you do.  And confident is a very interesting place to be.

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How you know when you’ve reached the Confident stage in your singing

When you start to hear people saying, “Ooh, you’re a good singer. Ooh, you know that was a really good rendition of that song. That was a good song that you’ve written. Oh, that was a good performance,” you know that you’re in that Stage Two arena.

Getting good at what you do is a fantastic place to be. It can take you a long way: it can get you solos; it can get you into choirs; it can even get you paid work. It can get you into writing songs, or going into a recording studio, or getting good enough to go at auditions and succeed.

What it is NOT is a miraculous leap forward, where everything work out and nothing ever goes wrong!

How long should you stay at the Confident stage?

You can stay in Stage Two quite a long time – and many people stay in this stage forever. It’s a place where you can perform or write or create at a consistently good and fairly high standard.

There’s an interesting book written for the business world called ‘From good to great’. The premise of it is that actually at some stage ‘good’ becomes your enemy – it gets in the way of you becoming great. But many professional musicians are at this stage. Teachers can be at this stage, be good teachers and create healthy careers for themselves – and help a lot of other singers also at Stage Two.

So being (or sticking) at Stage Two doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in any way. It’s a great place to be.

And once you’ve mastered Stage One (Competent) I want you to swim around in the Confident Stage Two pool as long as you need to! It’s quite a big pool and actually there’s not always that many swimmers in there. So you’ll have plenty of space to master your strokes, build your stamina – and make a splash!

What reaching the Confident stage will mean for your singing

You can say yes to opportunities that before you may have said no to simply because you were unsure of yourself.

Your voice is consistently working at a good standard – no matter how you feel on a daily basis, you can do your vocal exercises and create an environment where you will perform consistently well.

You can take advantage of last minute opportunities. If somebody asks you to sing pretty last minute, you have the confidence in your ability to be able to take up that opportunity.

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