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There’s a singer inside you, waiting to be released. You love to sing, but something’s holding you back from taking the next step.
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Would you love you to make singing a much bigger part of your life – or even make it your career?

Maybe it’s your dream to sing professionally, but you can’t afford the hours of one-to-one coaching you think it would take.

Maybe you used to sing, but life (and maybe a side helping of nerves, voice strain or lack of confidence) got in the way.

Maybe you’re a professional or semi-pro singer feeling stuck in a rut with your singing career - or you’re turning down work you’d love to do because you worry you haven't got the skills to pull it off.

Or perhaps you’re not a singer, but the parent of a talented teen. You want to give them a chance to shine, but you’re concerned about the cost - and whether they have what it takes to make it in a very competitive and challenging industry.

Making Singing Easy is a space that welcomes all singers, at every stage of their journeys

Here you'll find a supportive community

 ... as well as

  • Tips and strategies for building your voice (and your singing career, if that’s where you’re headed) that really work
  • Access to teachers with a proven track record of success in creating powerful voices.
  • Quality online training, with live group and one-to-one coaching as well as recorded exercises

What you absolutely won’t find is any more confusing and contradictory information (‘YouTube overwhelm’).
Instead, you’ll find:

  • A straightforward and simplified approach
  • A clear route to success
  • Tried and tested techniques that actually work
And if you’re someone who wants to go deeper, we offer singing retreats and holidays where you can work in a more intensive way with a top singing coach as part of a small group.

Learn at your pace coached by industry experts

I’m Angela Durrant, an experienced and skilled vocal coach with a proven track record of coaching hundreds of singers.
However, there is no one approach to singing that covers everything (nor one guru teacher!). I’ve collaborated with top researchers in voice science and teachers from all singing methods to create a course that encompasses all approaches, methods and teachers.
It’s my joy and privilege to help you on your journey to find the artist, the singer and the song within you.
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