The secret to achieving Competence in your singing

The secret to achieving competence in your singing

This is the first of series of four posts on the four areas of learning: Competence, Confidence, Mastery and Artistry. I’ll be sharing how to know where to focus your energy and effort so that you can make the right choices going forward, and avoid holding yourself back from the next level.

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How to achieve competence in your singing

Competence is having just enough skill to do the job in hand.

Many people are hobby singers, or they’re just stepping onto the platform for the first time. Their first goal is not to wow the crowd and find an agent. Their first step is to get competent: to show up week after week, do the exercises, lose the nerves, move forward, get things done, write the songs, put them out there. And by doing all this, begin to see transformation work in the voice.

This first area of competence is really important. Because although it’s your first stage, and maybe your first tiny step onto doing what you can do with your voice, it can actually be a really dangerous area.

Because your resistance to your ability, to unlocking your greatest potential, is going to be the biggest at the beginning, and right before a breakthrough.

At the beginning, you might find you’ve got more self-talk, you’ve got more reasons to walk away and not to move forward. This is when we start something, dip a toe in the water, then realise there’s a commitment involved. We know that something needs to change. Our habits need to be reset.

The first stage of getting competent is about consistency.

Consistency in showing up, time and time again.
Overcoming inertia.
Overcoming resistance.

At this stage, you’re probably going to only shift the dial a little bit, and see a few results. There probably won’t be enough of a result to make you feel as if you’ve suddenly broken through every barrier in your singing!

And that is the point.

It’s about not saying, “I just couldn’t! Because life got in the way this week!” Well, hello, you’re human. Life is happening every single day. There are distractions, bright shiny objects, social media. There is work, children, traffic on a daily basis. That is going to happen. You have to get yourself in the game, and find a little bit of momentum.

Sure, you’re going to find loads of objections. Sure, you’re going to find loads of little resistances. But if your dreams are going to happen you need to find that consistency. It’s the only way that you are ever going to find your true voice and be able to do something with it.


Make a choice

So here’s the choice you need to make: if you want to achieve competence, you need to choose to build better habits.

Let’s face it, we’re all human. If it was easy to break your habits, and to move into your desired result, more people would do it. So what’s the difference for those who actually do manage it? The ones who actually have that breakthrough, get competent, and move forward to the next stage of learning?

They understand that time is finite, they understand that there is no such thing as tomorrow.

They understand that the first stage will just be the smallest shift forward – but that getting there will show them what to do next. And that once they’re competent at this thing, they can move on to the next stage.


Questions to ask yourself now

Do you feel that you are competent in your singing?

If so, are you so comfortable that you actually are holding yourself back? (Because that’s an important point to consider as well! It may be that you need to push yourself beyond competency into the next stage.)

If not, it’s time. You can get competent. You can. You don’t have to have variable results. You can be consistent and competent at that first rung of the ladder.

So turn the dial. Move it that one degree, and watch what happens when you do.

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