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Whether you are a contemporary or classical singer, the Online Singing Academy is designed to give you the knowledge, resources and support that you need to enable you to:

  • Find your voice  
  • Express your true self  
  • Stand on any stage with confidence and skill  
  • Create magic for your audience  

Hi, I'm Angela Durrant, vocal coach.

I created the Online Singing Academy to give singers a step by step guided approach to learning to sing better, develop confidence, find the right songs and develop the skills to sing them well.  

Having taught for nearly 10 years myself and studied every method of singing I wanted to take the confusion out of all of the information that’s out there.  

This course is designed to fit today's modern lifestyle, using the most up to date research and with an understanding of what great singers and performers do.  

But I didn’t want to leave you on your own either - so as well as online modules you will also get truthful and helpful feedback, and access to live teaching designed to give you confidence in your voice.

What would happen if...

You had total confidence in your voice? 

I mean, when you stood up to sing, that you would know without a shadow of a doubt a great sound was going to come out? A sound that people wanted to hear more of. A sound that moved people and gave them goosebumps (for all the right reasons).  

Would you love you to make singing a much bigger part of your life – or even make it your career? 

If so, then you can relate to the 700 plus people I have worked with over the last eight years. Every one of them, without exception, told me that they wanted to:  

Feel more confident in themselves Sing with fewer inhibitions and a greater sense of freedom and joy  

  Many of the people I have worked with had sung as children before life got in the way and they simply gave up on their dreams. They wanted to come back to singing and make it a bigger part of their lives, but didn’t know where to start - and didn’t want to feel stupid singing in front of others. Others were crippled with nerves and lacking in confidence - but had an inner sense that singing would help them to communicate who they were to the world in a better way (they were right - it does!). Some were parents, wanting to give their young teens the chance to live their dream of a theatre or music career (I’m pleased to say that my track record in delivering on that one is good!). Others had gone out and gigged, only to find that singing with bad sound in poor venues had wrecked their voice… and they didn’t know how to develop the technique and stamina to carry on long term. All of them, without exception, wanted to sing better and express more of who they are as people. Everyone was born with a voice and while not all will become professional performers (but there’s no reason not to aspire to that!), everyone can develop their voice for pleasure or profession. 

The problem is...

A big misconception is that only certain people are born to sing. But that can’t be true! If you are human you have a voice, and it’s the same instrument that turns talking into singing. The issue is really that some people master the technicalities of using their voice more quickly than others, or have more performing confidence than others. People often ask me if I can teach ANYONE to sing and the answer is YES! Most people will simply give me an odd look, because there is such a belief out there that only a favoured few can sing. That’s just not true. Everyone has a voice and finding it is often the key to unlocking so much more potential than you ever thought possible. If you have believed… You’re too old and have left it too late You’ve tried and failed You’re not good enough You’re not ready You shouldn’t study singing because it will ruin your ‘style’ You can’t afford it Then think again, because the Online Singing Academy will give you the resources, training and support you need to turn every vocal issue around - whatever your age, situation or background.  

What are the benefits of joining the Online Singing Academy?

  • Learn to sing 
  • Build your confidence 
  • Understand your vocal tendencies 
  • Sing along to vocal exercises 
  • Learn how to practise effectively  
  • Develop vocal stamina, power and projection 
  • Find out the science behind your sound 
  • Extend your range 
  • Take care of your vocal health 
  • Push your boundaries with vocal challenges  

You will have experts guiding you step by step. The beauty of modern technology is that you can be anywhere in the world and get access to the best teachers and teaching. 

In the past you would have had to travel to get in front of the masters; now the masters can come to you. 

Once you have built your singing voice then you'll want to learn to become a better and more engaging performer.  

You'll find courses, challenges and training in the Academy to help you:  

  • Become an amazing performer  
  • Create magic for your audience  
  • Put together a winning stage set  
  • Understand the audition process 
  • Give yourself the gift of mental toughness and the right mindset  
  • Master techniques to overcome anxiety in performance  
  • Prepare for a recording session  
  • Rehearse with bands and other musicians  
  • Learn music  
  • Find your own musical style 

and much more – including how to market yourself and make a business out of your music (if that’s your goal).  

Like having a singing lesson every day

"You can take as much or as little as you want out of the course. But if you have the opportunity and inclination it's like having a singing lesson every day! Wow! What an opportunity." Rachel 

It's great to be able to share and learn from one another

"Since beginning the course the frustration I'd been feeling around not knowing where to find a teacher, and where to begin to get the guidance I needed, has given way to a sense of excitement. 

I'm so happy to be on this journey, and to be on it with others is wonderful. It's great to be able to share and learn from one another what would otherwise be quite a solitary path. I'm looking forward to discovering more about my voice as we progress." Sara

What a difference! Zero struggles.

"It's so exciting to hear and feel results so quickly! I love the change in resonance just from learning one simple technique. I'm now warming up my voice properly before I record - what a difference! Zero struggles. Thank you Angela!" Marcella

Find singing easier than ever before 

Anyone can learn to sing and have the enjoyment, fun, social fulfilment and confidence that comes from being able to take a piece of music and know your voice can deliver. 

You too can learn how to sing with all the notes and expression needed, without your voice cracking, breaking or jumping all over the place with strain and nerves.  

That’s why the ONLINE SINGING ACADEMY was born.  

I want to help you make singing easier than ever before – and fun too! I can show you how we create sound and teach you to: 

  • Understand your voice 
  • Choose the right exercises and songs to suit your growing ability 
  • Look after the health of your voice 
  • Put in place key mindset pieces that will ensure that you move forward (and are never tempted to give up or give in again!) 

 A college course without the cost  

A university place just for one year will cost you THOUSANDS or even TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars or pounds - and if you study abroad, that’s not including the cost of living while you study. The Online Singing Academy is like a college course, but without the cost – and you won’t have to live in debt for years to pay it off either. The cost of working with a top music coach one-to-one can be on average $200 an hour (not to mention that you first have to find the right teacher - and travel to them as well). The Online Singing Academy will bring it all to you for a fraction of the cost of study at a university or with a top coach.  

What happens when you join the Academy?  

You will have membership access to a monthly bundle of exercises, audios and video training, as well as Ask the Expert interviews and monthly challenges. Unlike most home study programmes, you will also have a vocal coach at hand to answer your questions in the live online chat sessions and the forum. A private Facebook group will give you the opportunity to connect with other singers and musicians and share success stories, experiences and mutual support.  


Live virtual masterclasses and coaching sessions and a Q & A forum with a top vocal coach.


Monthly exercise bundles, new and increasingly challenging vocal exercises, audio examples and video training. 


Be part of our private Facebook group and chat to other singers, share your journey and get extra support when you need it.


Ask the Expert podcasts, with topics including Vocal Technique, Magical Stage Presence, Gig Equipment and Marketing your Music.

How does it work?

When you join you will receive:

Access to the Members area where you can access the training bundles, course videos and singing challenges and choose what you need to work on in self-study time.  

Monthly training bundles Each month you’ll get access to a new theme, with extra bonus material. This is a step-by-step approach, with enough new content each month to keep you moving forward and achieving your singing goals, but without going into ‘overload’.  

24/7 access You can access your courses online anytime day or night (via your own personal login code) and handy guides will keep you on track.  

Live calls to keep you motivated, learning and growing. We can speak live and I can share the success you find you will experience - all because I can meet more often with you as a group than I could in person in my home or studio. 

This is not for you if...

The Online Singing Academy is of great benefit to many different types of singers, but there are few singers that it will not help - and I want to make sure that I’m truthful to you about that. The Online Singing Academy cannot help you if you:  

  • Expect a magic wand to transport you to greatness  
  • Don’t put any time aside to practise  
  • Think you already know it all (when your results indicate you don’t!)  
  • Want to change without putting in the work  
  • Don’t use the materials and resources  
  • Watch the tutorials but never take any action, no matter how small 
  • Don’t follow the instructions designed to help build your voice more quickly  
  • Never ask a question in the Q&A
  • Only want free tips from YouTube  
  • See no point in investing in things you love  

My guarantee to you

I’m convinced that if you embrace all the challenges that the Online Singing Academy gives you and implement the action steps in each monthly bundle, you will get the results you want. 

However, sometimes a singer can find out that their needs require a different approach, so I want to make your investment risk free by adding a guarantee.

If after 30 days of immersing yourself in the Academy challenges, trainings and live Q&A’s you believe that you are not in the right programme for you then I will gladly refund your Academy fee.  

Are you ready to build your voice?

Now that you can see how the Online Singing Academy can help you to:  

  •  Build your voice 
  •  Add resources to your success library 
  •  Guide you towards the confidence and performing ability 
  •  Unlock your potential  

It’s time to take the next step and join us!  

There is no better time than now. 

The later you leave it, the further your dreams will slip away from you, until life has taken over and you find yourself going through the motions for another year.  

Don’t let that happen to you again.  

The doors are open – and your next challenge awaits. 

I’ve discovered a whole new part of my voice!

"Angela Durrant, you are a genius! I've only done the exercises for three days, and already I’ve discovered a whole new part of my voice that I didn't know existed! I can't believe it. I'm in this for the long haul! Thank you so much." Amy

I am so thankful for this non-judgemental space

"Angela, I am so thankful for the opportunity to study with you. You've put me more at ease with learning to sing. I am so thankful for this non-judgemental space to create and be ourselves. It's very helpful. Thank you." Usha

I find the exercises challenging and fun

"I'm really enjoying my singing practise. I find the exercises challenging and fun, and I'm discovering new muscles and sensations in my body, and a growing awareness of sound in my body and how my voice moves. It's exciting!" Sara